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What's Official Orange?

Official Orange all purpose cleaner and degreaser was designed to fulfill 99% of cleaning necessities in the work place.   Utilizing environmentally safe components derived from the common oranges, allows Official Orange to be used for a number of applications.  With literally thousands of applications our product is much more than just orange degreaser, it can be used internally or externally when used at any business or home.

     The foundation of our company is built on quality B2B relationships that we value and maintain vigorously, but owe all our success to the quality and productivity of our products.  Our focus is to pinpoint the need for our Official Orange in any business or home and exemplify the multi-purpose aspect that it provides.  Whether its cleaning up dog and cat pet stains, carpet stains, grease, mold, or mildew, Official Orange has your covered.

     We also pledge to reduce our nations plastic and hazardous chemical footprint here on American soil and abroad.  With just 1 gallon of Official Orange, you can make anywhere from 24 spray bottles of strong cleaner/stain remover/degreaser, 64 bottles of general/all- purpose cleaner and 400 bottles of streak free/glass cleaner.  We've also launched our 'Recycle and Repost' program, which as of 2019, we reward customers with a discount code when they post a video or picture recycling their empty container of Official Orange on any social media platform.

     Join our initiative to fight the war on pollution and choose Official Orange as  your cleaning product of choice!

Kelly Robertson