Product Demo || Adhesive on Carpet

Official Orange has impressed yet another customer! After establishing our products capabilities with an owner at a local U-haul location, he wanted to put it to the test. Hes invested with a local church and had been planning to pull the old carpet up and put new carpet in, due to a deep treated adhesive stain. He has attempted to remove the stain multiple times with an array of products. Typically once a stain is treated with another product it becomes even harder to remove. In the picture you can see how the original adhesive strip stains have been spread outward as other products attempted to pull it up. Unlike the other competitors products, our product is designed to penetrate the surface that holds the stain and release it, allowing the stain to come up. In this case the customer had tested the capabilities and decided to put our product in a carpet cleaning machine, he was amazed to see the results after just one attempt. Keep in mind, most carpet cleaning products not only take multiple applications to remove stains, but also take aggressive tactics to pull stains up. We've found in most cases the carpet stains can be pulled up by lightly-soaking the stain (5 : 1 solution) and vacuuming them up, Heavier carpet/linen stains may require spot treatment with a little extra agitation.

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